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Custom Programs : Family Literacy
"I learned speak English in the class. Better my English. The classes have helped me at my house and at my work, and also now I can help my son in the afternoon with English." - English in the Schools participant

"My kids are learning [in elementary school] and I feel I am learning with them!" - English in the Schools participant

Lindbergh Elementary School, 2011

Family Literacy and "English in the Schools"

Each year, Literacy Network reaches out to more than 200 parents and family members of school-age children through its English in the Schools program at Dane County schools. English in the Schools provides adult English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction to the parents of children attending schools in Madison, Middleton, Verona, and Marshall. The program aims to empower parents to be active partners in their children's education, to increase parent-child reading interactions in the home, and to enable parents to participate more fully in their community.

English in the Schools classes focus on topics such as the following:

  • American school system
  • Filling out registration forms
  • School-specific programs and activities
  • Classroom vocabulary
  • School staff members
  • Common school subjects
  • What to expect from parent-teacher conferences
  • Body parts and illnesses
  • Communicating with the school or calling in sick
  • Excused vs. unexcused absences
  • home reading plan
  • interactive reading strategies

Adults who participate in English in the Schools experience a variety of meaningful achievements. For instance, some parents have reported successfully attending a parent-teacher conference without an interpreter! Others have participated in Parents' Nights held at their schools, attended committee meetings to explore volunteering, visited the public library with their children, called the school in English, and used English during doctor visits.

For more information, contact:
Sara Finesilver
Family Literacy Program Manager
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