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Custom Programs : Workplace Literacy

"I like the class very much. My conversation with my supervisor and coworkers is better. I understand my work and what the other guys do. When there's a new employee, I can explain to them what to do."
-Benjamin Perez, 34, forklift driver

Customized English instruction is offered on-site and lessons are tailored to meet the specific needs of your employees, improving safety, efficiency, productivity, and morale.

Your employees will communicate with greater confidence and be able to take on more responsibility; their productivity will increase, and communication between workers and supervisors will improve --which spells success for your business.

Questions about our workplace programs? Please call 608-244-3911 and ask for Autumn Jackson, Senior Director of ESL Collaborations.

PLEASE NOTE: Literacy Network serves Dane County, Wisconsin. At this time we are not able to offer our services outside this area.

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