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About Us : Annual Report
2016 Annual Report

2016 was an amazing year thanks to your dedication to adult learners.

On September 12, we moved into our new learning center, expanding our space by more than three times. Most importantly, the new learning center provides dignity and respect to adults who have had negative experiences with education. You opened doors to new opportunity for nearly 1,200 adults. Thank you so much for your support!

As you'll see in this report, we have celebrated many amazing achievements - people who became U.S. citizens, helped their children succeed in school, got new jobs, and gained promotions because of their hard work in our individualized literacy programs. Lupe is a student in one of our customized workplace English programs at North Central Group. Lupe says the classes have helped make communicating with guests and coworkers easier. She's not afraid to answer the phone, and she finds it much easier to speak with the maintenance crew. Her goal is to become a housekeeping manager by taking classes to improve her English. We were honored to partner with NCG, their employees, and so many other organizations and companies in Dane County to reach more adults in 2016.

1 in 7 adults in Dane County needs us. With a new facility, more community support, and increased numbers served, we are poised to continue meeting the literacy needs of residents here in Dane County. We thank you for your continued dedication to supporting the hopes and dreams of adults and families in Dane County.


Jeff Burkhart, Executive Director
Maureen Miner, Board President

2015 Annual Report

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Click here to download the 2014 Annual Report

2014 was a year of great results for adult learners and families. We improved program retention, developed great partnerships, secured additional classroom space, and supported many new learners. Hours per learner increased significantly in our programs, and more than 800 adults demonstrated improvement in reading, writing and English skills.

We celebrated with students who received promotions, got new jobs, attained their U.S. citizenship, and were accepted to Madison College. One example is Carlos, who became a supervisor to 25 people. This was made possible because Carlos worked on his computer skills and writing skills. He can now email, write memos, work with data and give directions clearly to his staff.

All this was supported by the 900+ volunteers who dedicated nearly 30,000 of their time to helping learners and planning events.

Your support makes this possible. You help us serve adults who participate in Literacy Network programs at 20 different locations. You create hope and opportunity for adults and families in our community.

Thank you so much for making an impact.

Jeff Burkhart
Executive Director